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  Purple Tea ... the 5th element
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                                                Note: Our minimum order is One (1) PALLET  

   Our primary supplier expanded their processing factory in 
   Kenya with all new tea manufacturing/processing equipment 
   on their 1,000 acre farm located at the Rift Valley of Kenya. 

           •All of our teas are 100% pesticide free.  
           •Rainforest Alliance (SAN) certified.
           •ISO 2200 certified (SGS).
           •Participants in the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP).
           •A member of the Tea Board of Kenya.
            Kenya Board of Standards (KEBS) approved.

                                                                              This is Kenya's most modern tea production line. 
                                                                                       The factory was engineered placing paramount  
                                                                                       importance on delivering a consistent quality product.  

For CTC tea production, two main lines are housed inside a modern state-of-the-art 6,000 sq. foot processing facility all on an inline. The space is optimized to provide maximum efficiency that allows us to accommodate additional processing lines.

The sorting line is comprised of stalk and fiber extractors and a vibroscreen sorter. 

Located in an Export Processing Zone (EPZ), they are ideally suited for export of both bulk 
tea and value-added packages; taking pride in being able to meet the rigorous quality and consistency requirements of international clients.

Employees undertake regular in-house training geared towards the execution of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in food processing and personal safety.

Grade of Tea we process:

CTC grades include: BP1, PF1, PD, DUST1, PF2 and DUST2.

Commercial Orthodox grades include: SFTGFOP, TGFOP, GFOP, FOP, OP, Broken and GREEN. 

Custom orders are welcomed.

Samples for evaluations are free, however there will be a FEE for shipping charges. 

We will not sell to distributors, only the end users.

BATCH MATCHING:  geared for custom volume orders .

Batch Matching entails a two step process:

1. The initial step is the testing samples from prospective customers  inventory originally received as a sampling order for testing purposes and matched with a sister sample from same existing inventory in Kenya for testing the same. 

2. Then, the batch at our Kenyan processing facility is set aside and shipped after placement of a purchase order and payment is received.
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