Purple Tea ... the 5th element
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for Kenyan Purple Tea Extract​ (TRFK-306-1)

A unique polyphenol ... Purple tea has substantially more polyphenols than Green or Black teas. (16.5 percent for Purple tea, compared to 10.1 percent for Black tea and 9.1 percent for Green tea). 

Purple tea also has a polyphenol called GHG that’s not found in other tea varieties. GHG may be the compound responsible for purple tea’s anti-obesity effects, which we will further elaborate.

​The process of discovery of ingredient combinations has proven to take several months, regardless of the application.

  First, one needs a reliable supply source.

  Second, of equal importance is access to a world class extract manufacturer.

Launching either a new product or revising an existing one takes a commitment by a team consisting of Senior Management, R & D, Sales and Marketing working together with us and our teams of tea suppliers and extract manufacturers. 

As a Intermediary-Consultant we offer the following:

TEAS sourced on a global basis: primarily from Kenya and China. This includes Kenyan PurpleTea [TRFK 306-1] which includes GHG. Also White Tea and Green teas from the Hunnan and Fujian Provinces of China.

EXTRACTS are presently manufactured in North America. Negotiations are underway for expansion to South America and Europe.

In order to begin the process, you need to let us know of your interests and define your applications.


Are available. In the event you have in-house extract manufacturing capability, let us know how much tea is required. Usually several ounces are sufficient.

In the event you want to receive a specific extract sample manufactured by our extracts supplier, advise us of your applications and specifications. Usually 5 grams are sufficient.

NOTE 1: At some point it will be necessary to have in hand a signed Confidentiality Agreement so that when necessary, direct communications can be made with our lead tea suppliers of teas/extracts.


We are pleased to announce a full container consisting of Kenyan teas [Purple and Green) has been delivered for extract manufacturing for a new product scheduled for launch in the first quarter of 2018.  


The internet has a wealth of such:

ranging from the Development of this unique Kenyan Tea(TRFK 306-1)

○ the discovery of GHG

○ crossing the blood-brain-barrier [BBB]

○ results of mice and human trials

○ comparisons of chemical compositions with other teas (Green, Black, Oolong, and White)

○ existing applications of products being marketed on a global basis:


Cosmetics, Dietary, Pharmaceutical, Confectionery, Beverages, Food Preservatives, Pet Food, Industrial...