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Kenyan Purple Tea is family-owned and operated right here in Londonderry, NH. Since our company opened its doors in 2006, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.  
Q. What were the motivating factors that encouraged you to become involved with marketing Kenyan purple tea?
A: A meeting several years ago in the then sitting Governor of Massachusetts Duval Patrick's office, hosting African leadership seeking a means of expanding bilateral trade between the USA and Africa. We also met the then sitting Kenya ambassador to the USA and received a letter of introduction suggesting that we pursue Kenyan export opportunities for: coffee, tea, cut flowers, baby carrots, baby corn and newly approved by the USDA-french cut green beans.

Q: What was the process of settling on Kenyan tea?  
A: We spent nearly two years researching trade opportunities and during the exploratory process; the tea research foundation of Kenya (TRFK) announced that after 25 years of research, a new cultivar was developed (Kenyan purple tea --TRFK 306-1) which was superior to any present tea and possessed several unproven applications as a tea extract. Referral suppliers were supplied by the Kenyan tea research foundation and the Kenyan tea board...

Q: What are some of these applications?
A: Dietary, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, neurological, cosmetics, beverages as a stand-alone or ready to drink products.

Q: Has there been documentation of any of these claims by human trials?
A: Yes, Human trials by an Asian Company which have been cited in numerous international Journals and the media of Japan released a detailed report which has been cited in international digests: 

Q: What was it about the report that caught your attention?
A: Human trials of course, but also the discovery of a polyphenol GHG; levels of anthocyanins, other polyphenols that exceed other teas.  

Q: What makes Kenyan tea (purple, green, black, oolong, and white) so special?
A: The growing region within the Rift Valley, water soluble, grown pesticide free, volcanic soil, altitude, ideal climatic conditions for growing purple tea.

Q: Can you elaborate about the growing region?
A: No pesticides are used, purple tea UV accumulation, several tea harvests per year, purple tea is drought resistant, add more details from TRFK, etc.

Q: You mentioned neurological applications, what does this mean?
A. According to the Asian study, purple tea extract in some formulations has proven to cross the Blood-Brain-Barrier in the treatment of dementia, Alzheimer’s, weight control, complexion.

Q: How do we proceed to test purple tea in our own labs?
A: A free shipment, after qualification, of 3-5g of purple tea can be sent to you free of charge, however freight charges will apply.

Q: What is your minimum order size?
A: We are cultivating long term relationships with wholesale purchasers, however we realize there must be a level of comfort so the minimum order will be set at one (1) pallet, approximately 700 kg.

Q: What mechanism do you have in place to insure consistency of product after testing?
A: We have a supplier who has developed a batch matching program.

Q: What type of program do you have in place that encourages long term buyer commitment. Can you please describe it?
A:"Forwards Contract Program" : details upon request.

Q: Tell us something about both your tea supplier and the extract manufacturer, what are their credentials?
A: We deal directly with a USA based FDA registered agent of the supplier.

Q: You spent a lot of space talking about purple tea, what can you say about the extract manufacturer?
A: Patented technology, government grants, cited for their innovations. 

Q: What about purple tea pricing, availability, quotations?
A: Pricing is based upon the law of supply and demand on the following basis: USD/kg fob the port of Mombasa, Kenya. We can quote CIF destination, if necessary. All quotations will come directly from us initially.  

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