Purple Tea ... the 5th element
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We do very extensive product research, supply chain and user engagement to build sales of purple tea and green tea.  

Our goal is to always make our customers happy, and we believe in treating each customer like a part of the family.

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Only the top four to five rows of leaves are hand  picked for  the freshest and richest in health value.
Sectors that can use PURPLE TEA . . . NOW, Today !
  Dietary Supplements  • Cosmetics • Pharmaceuticals • Nutracuticals • RTD  Sports Drinks
ONLY Purple Tea from the Rift Valley of Kenya  has a fifth marker called "GHG" ..."The Fifth Element "

 The Tea Research Foundation of Kenya has released a purple tea variety, Purple Tea for commercial utilization targeting a unique tea product - . This cultivar has been under development for the last 25 years and further works on the composition and antioxidant value of anthocyanins in it are still in progress.

  The cultivar has been pre-released in response to the government’s vision 2030 and Medium-Term Plan 2008-2012 (MTP), targeting new tea products diversification and value addition in order to enhance productivity of teas as well as to boost economic growth in the agricultural sector. Anthocyanins are diverse flavonoids and are soluble in water. They are also powerful antioxidants and have health enhancing properties.

  Anthocyanin supplements (proanthocyanins) are widely marketed for their health enhancing properties. Anthocyanins are also widely used as preservatives especially in the food industry. The new tea variety that is rich in anthocyanins will provide an alternative raw material from which these flavonoids can be extracted.

  The other products that can be produced from the purple tea leaf and which the Foundation’s scientists are researching on, include extracted catechins, anthocyanins, anthocyanidinins (which are used as drug supplements, preservatives and other industrial uses), tea polyphenol extracts for pharmacological and industrial uses, manufacture of instant teas, Ready To Drink (RTD) tea, and other fast moving consumer goods such as health care products, foods and confectioneries.

  "Purple Tea and its extract suppress Diet-induced Fat Accumulation in mice and human subjects by inhibiting fat absorption and enhancing Hepatic Carnitine Paumitoyltansferanse Expression". 

  According to a human trial study by an Asian firm, Purple tea/extract (PTE) is the only tea containing GHG.

We are Factory Direct Representatives.

All orders are placed with us and you will get Factory pricing

Our client's are Beverage, Diet, Cosmetic and Nutraceutical Companies at the National and International level where we supply container sized orders on an allotment  and scheduled basis.

What is important here is our modern Kenyan tea factory meeting the strictest certifications,
quality control, supply chain management and ease of communication.

Our teas are hand picked from plantations in the Rift Valley of Kenya where no pesticides are used or needed, a natural benefit of volcanic soil. 

The altitude, volcanic soils, climatic conditions create in our Purple tea Five anthrocyanins, high in catechins that are valuable     

Our primary tea products are Purple and Green teas.